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ConTact CARE & Massage in Kerikeri

Specialising in deep tissue, Swedish remedial, meridian and sports therapy massage, along with ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release 

We all experience life's pressures, both mental and physical. When we are feeling pain, stiffness and discomfort within our bodies, it can also negatively affect the mind. My mission is to help my clients power through the pressures of life with a healthy body and in turn having a healthy mind. Life is meant to be fun and pressure free!

Drop the pressure through a commonsense approach to real ease today, by experiencing the benefits of ConTact CARE and Massage Therapy! 


Kerikeri Massage Therapy & ConTact CARE Services

ConTact CARE

*Self-Evident results

*Safe for ALL ages

*Moving away from pain & into comfort

*Releasing trapped bone pressure



*Relax and unwind

*Faster injury rehabilitation

*Muscle prep' for activity

*Anxiety/Depression support


Kyle Nixon

KYLE NIXON - Massage Therapist (20+ years)

ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release student

I've always had an interest in anatomy and physiology, and a desire to live a healthy life with a holistic approach, while making a difference in the lives of others. ConTact CARE is an amazing healing modality to add to my many years of massage work. Moving away from pain and towards comfort, it is safe for ALL ages and has a simple approach. 

We release pressure trapped on the bone allowing the body to unravel and heal itself. The results speak for themselves

Combining both Muscle and Bone Modalities can at times feel like a superpower, but really, it's a commonsense approach to real ease.

Client Testimonials


"It's not age you're feeling, just pressure!"