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About Kerikeri Massage Therapist Kyle Nixon

Kyle Nixon 

Massage Therapist (20+ years)  
ConTact CARE Flinchlock release student Practitioner

More about Kyle: I've always had an interest in anatomy and physiology, and a desire to live a healthy life with a holistic approach, while bringing value to the lives of others. I had dived into studying Massage Therapy and human anatomy in 1999, which opened the door to the massage industry as I looked for ways to use my newfound knowledge.

As a massage Therapist specializing in sports therapy. I started to work with rugby teams, surf lifesaving athletes and individuals seeking fast recover and muscle preparation for sporting events etc. Bodybuilders, martial artists, runners and more. I also provided a mobile service doing Therapeutic, and Sports/Deep tissue massage for individuals just feeling the pressures of life.

As life progressed and despite loving massage therapy, I felt something was missing. I tried my hand at other careers within the Fire Service, Motorcycle and Natural Skincare Industries. But always felt drawn to a career involving healing and providing value and service to others.

Having been introduced to ConTact CARE by founder Dale Speedy after a shoulder injury. I felt a sense of calling to learn more. In 2020 I started my journey to become a certified Practitioner and a spark was lit within me. ConTact CARE was the final string to my bow of skills I was looking for. Combined with massage therapy it felt like a superpower, but in reality, it is a commonsense approach to real ease.


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