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Massage Therapy & ConTact CARE Client Testimonials

"What are they saying?"

" I love reviews from clients, both complementary and constructive. It keeps me striving and focused to be the best version of myself while guiding others to deal with lifes pressures". 

"Service to others, in turn is service to self". Read below to hear what clients are saying about me.

"I had a fantastic revitalizing and safe experience. Kyle is extremely knowledgeable about the body. I didn't think I had any particular issues, but he found a good few congested areas in my body and I felt so much lighter and energised after"

Philippa Ross

I went to Muscle and Bone Kerikeri for my first session of ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release and massage recently and was really impressed. It not only helped aches and pains that I had but also reduced my anxiety, which was an amazing relief. Kyle is professional and friendly, and I will be returning for follow up treatments. I would highly recommend him to friends and family"

Barbra Goodfellow


I was referred to Kyle at muscle and bone for sore lower back that i have had for years , Kyle was able remove the pain pretty much straight away and find other small issues in my body that i didn't realize i had.If you have been struggling with you health then go see Kyle hes amazing , i have recommended a number of friends to him and they are amazed how they are feeling now.

Shayne E.


The BEST massage ever, deep and relaxing. Super helpful with Contact CARE also, treated an old injury from years ago! Very experienced and professional.

Nitya A.


"I came to Kyle through a friend who told me wonderfully about him. Kyle helped my partner regain his physique, after years of pain. He is a great professional, he helped me release the pressures I had on my body, improving my hips and knees. I recommend Kyle infinitely for having changed our lives. Thank you very much Kyle".

Cecilia G.


"Thank you very much to Kyle from the first minute he was always a good professional and helped me improve my physical condition that was quite deteriorated. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago and the truth is that knowing him was a before and after. Absolutely recommended, he changed my life".

Pablo B.