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A Commonsense approach to real ease.

ConTact CARE
 Flinchlock Release

ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock® Release is a system to locate and release trapped bone pressure, triggered and held by surprise impact combinations.

What is ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release Therapy?

When you sustain an injury from an accident, fall, knock or impact to your skeleton, it creates a flinch response resulting in a deep contraction into the bone. This contraction or "Flinch" is known as a Flinchlock and holds pressure into the bones Periosteum (Skin) "Skeletal Sensory Shock". This impact pressure now becomes this bone's working pressure.

With this change in pressure, the body compensates by adjusting its biomechanics (Movement/Alignment) to accommodate the new pressure. This in turn can transfer pressure to tissues (Muscle), joints, tendons, ligaments and organs, which can affect and restrict normal movement and function of the body. 

How Does ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release Therapy Work?

Using a hands-on method, the Practitioner uses observation and movement to assess the body for Flinchlocked bones. Then with a gentle pain free formula, the body is supported while the Flinch is released allowing the body to unravel and realign itself.

When the ConTact C.A.R.E method releases the Flinchlocked bones. There is an immediate shift in the balance followed by an involuntary expanding and lengthening of the soft tissues, tendons and ligaments. With the expanding tissues, blood and lymph start to move creating a warm sensation in the worked area. As the body pressure drops, it naturally re-organizes its integrity.

Depending on the time from the original impact situation, this process can take moments or days.

Once the Flinchlock is removed it is gone for good.

ConTact CARE is performed with the client fully clothed.

How does ConTact CARE compare to other healing modalities?

ConTact CARE was established in 2004 and is quite unique:

  • We move away from pain and ensure the client is comfortable and feels safe. Safe for all ages!
  • We release trapped Bone Pressure, from surprise impact traumas "Skeletal Sensory Shock".
  • There are no manipulations or adjustments.
  • We recognize the bodies Self Defense System can override the Nervous System and Reflex System.
  • A Commonsense Approach to Real Ease.
  • ConTact CARE is performed while the client is fully clothed.
  • Self-Evident. The results speak for themselves.

Where does ConTact CARE come from?

ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release - is a Martial Arts based discipline, created in NGATEA New Zealand, by Dale Weston Speedy (6th dan Blackbelt Kiaido-Ryu) and Kym Summers.  It is a practical study in 'The Nature of STILLNESS'. ConTact C.A.R.E recognises that the skeleton defends itself automatically and independently when impacted by surprise.

This results in what we call 'SKELETAL SENSORY SHOCK'.        

Skeletal sensory shock is released through a series of non-intrusive and gentle movements. 

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How many treatments are required and what is expected after each treatment?

Every client is different and their bodies unique. Healing times and treatment frequency will vary. Generally, we see clients' problems resolved within 1-5 visits.

As your body unravels and realigns, you may experience some discomfort and aggravation of symptoms within 24-48 hours of a treatment. The full benefits of a treatment are commonly felt within 2-3 days after.

How long can a Flinchlock stay in your body?

Flinchlocks can stay in the body for a lifetime unless released. The good news is it's never too late for a treatment. And once a Flinchlock is removed from the body, it is gone forever.

"It's not old age you're feeling, it's likely pressure".

What ConTact CARE may help with:

  • Headaches/Migraines     
  • Breathing Disorders          
  • Sports Injuries  
  • Carpal Tunnel      
  • Mental/Emotional Shock  
  • Anxiety/Depression   
  • Sleep Issues   
  • Back and Neck Pain   
  • Equine & Pet Injuries 
  • Old Unresolved Injuries
  • Co-ordination Problems
  • *Post-op Rehabilitation
  • Cranial tension
  • Concussion
  • Bio Mechanics/ Alignment
  • Depression - caused by chest cavity impacts

Can Massage Therapy help with recovery after ConTact CARE Treatments?

As the body begins to unravel and rebalance itself, the addition of Massage Therapy can aid and, in some cases, speed the recovery process by relaxing and lengthening the muscles. Enquire today to see if this would be a good fit for you.

SAFE for all ages

Moving away from pain and towards comfort.MORE


Releasing pressure trapped in the bone allowing your body to unravel and heal itself.



The results speak for themselves.


ConTact C.A.R.E   

A Commonsense Approach to Real Ease